About CodeUpdate4U.com

Since 2008, the State of Virginia has required you to show that you have attended a class designed to bring you current on changes in your respective building code to renew you card. You will need to attend a State of Virginia-approved code update course. Codeupdate4u.com has that approval and meets the provisions of 18 VAC 50-30-120.

If you hold an HVAC, Fuel Gasfitter, Plumbing, or Electrical card then this is the website for you. It is designed to be an easy and painless way to fill the new State requirement.

About the Instructor

The instructor, Mr. Dana Smith, has taught HVAC and Electrical classes in the Richmond area for over 20 years. During that time, he has taught HVAC for Chesterfield County Technical Center, Chesterfield Adult Education, Richmond Technical Center, the Central Virginia Electrical Contractors Association (CVECA), and the the ABC Apprenticeship program. Currently, Mr. Smith teaches Industrial Maintenance full time. He has designed these code courses to cover the appropriate amount of material in the required time, but also allow some flexibility for your needs.


Codeupdate4U.com is a Virginia State Department of Professional & Occupational Regulation Board for Contractors approved online education provider. To verify, click the below link and look for us in the list. We are towards the bottom of page 5 in the PDF.

Virginia DPOR Providers List